Handball CREATOR

Design  training and matchballs with the logo of your club, your name or number. Your individualized balls are available at a minimum order quantity of 10 pcs. with a delivery time of 10 working days after approval. All balls are refined with an industrial ultra-violet ink-jet printer here at our central Kempa warehouse.

What does this mean for you? Now, you've got the possibility to personalize different balls out of our Kempa range quickly with high quality labels, logos and wordings!

Additional information reagrding the Kempa ball CREATOR you'll get at your local retailer!


Get creative and design the new team shirt for you and your team!

From a minimum order quantity of 10 pcs. your individualized shirt will be available at € 49,99 RRP.

The sublimation of the player number, same as the club and player name we offer you for free! Additional logos are at an extra charge of EUR 7,50 for each file – but only once for the whole KIT.

Club logo, sponsor label & player number same as the club and player name are getting sublimated directly into the shirt. What does this mean for you? Optimum flexibility, colours fastness and breathability!

Combine your individual shirt for you and your team out of 10 designs and 42 colours!


Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Delivery time: 8 weeks after final approval


Step-by-step to your individualized jersey:

  • choose your team (male/female)
  • choose the right product category (shirt, shorts, etc.)
  • choose a nice design and adjust the color combination according to your imagination
  • place badges, labels, logos and text on free spaces of the item
  • personalize the textiles for every player (name, number and size)
  • provide your contact details and look out for the local retailer in your area
  • submit your order – your personal team KIT will be finished soon!

Start the Kempa CREATOR here!


Personlization of socks - your perfect gift for club members!

Kempa Socks:

  • Cotton socks with strengthened sole and a functional heel area
  • Kempa-wording at the finned cuffs
  • Material: 80% cotton, 10% polyamid, 10% elastane

Your individualized Kempa socks are available at a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs. for wordings & logos with a delivery time of six weeks.

Additional information - PDF (order sheet)